Where is sensible action, & my insanity whence?
See the difference, it is from where to whence.
From the church & hypocritical vestments, I take offence
Where is the abode of the Magi, & sweet wine whence?
For dervishes, piety and sensibility make no sense
Where is sermon and hymn, & the violin’s music whence.
Upon seeing our friend, our foes put up their defense
Where is a dead lantern, & the candle of the sun whence?
My eye-liner is the dust of your door and fence
Where shall I go, tell me, you command me whence?
Take your focus from your chin to the trap on the path hence,
Where to O heart, in such hurry you go whence?
May his memory of union be happy and intense
Where are your amorous gestures, & your reproach whence?
Make not restlessness & insomnia, Hafiz’s sentence
What is rest, which is patience, and sleep whence?


صـلاح کار کـجا و مـن خراب کـجا
بـبین تـفاوت ره کز کجاست تا به کجا
دلـم ز صومعه بگرفت و خرقـه سالوس
کـجاسـت دیر مغان و شراب ناب کجا
چـه نسبت است به رندی صلاح و تقوا را
سـماع وعـظ کـجا نغمـه رباب کجا
ز روی دوست دل دشمـنان چـه دریابد
چراغ مرده کـجا شمـع آفـتاب کـجا
چو کحل بینش ما خاک آستان شماست
کـجا رویم بـفرما از این جـناب کـجا
مبین به سیب زنخدان که چاه در راه است
کـجا همی‌روی ای دل بدین شتاب کجا
بـشد کـه یاد خوشش باد روزگار وصال
خود آن کرشمه کجا رفت و آن عتاب کجا
قرار و خواب ز حافظ طمع مدار ای دوست
قرار چیسـت صبوری کدام و خواب کـجا

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